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Joyce Kozloff L'Europe, 2013 Acrylic, collage, and digital archival inkjet print 31 x 36 inches

Joyce Kozloff
L’Europe, 2013
Acrylic, collage, and digital archival inkjet print
31 x 36 inches

The Safe Harbors of the Hudson Ann Street Gallery presents its newest exhibition You Are Here. 

You are Here is an innovative exhibition of works by established and emerging artists from across the country. The exhibition highlights 40 works and a group of 22 artists who explore the theme of cartography through self-created spaces as a vehicle for their artistic expression.

Mapping as a practice provides contemporary artists enormous creative potential and the perfect platform where the artist can navigate the uncharted depths of their imagination while pursuing personal interests. In You Are Here, some of the artists go so far as to employ the same premise taken by philosopher Alfred Korzybski who stated, “A map is not the territory it represents ” to address a variety of issues in their work, such as: identity, global culture, personal memory, and natural environments.

Though as cartographic representations, each artist’s map in the You Are Here is an individual response of what they experience about a place and their creative constructions are interpretations of that space. Balanced with a personal reading of place, the artists’ mapped environments on display range from the literal to the abstract, intertwining the imagined with elements of the real. As a survey, the You Are Here exhibition represents the diverse practices of contemporary mapping artists in a variety of media. Included in the exhibit are: prints, collages, drawings, paintings, photography, video, fiber art, ecological sculptural models, and wall-sized installations, which promise to inspire and challenge visitors to view their own environments in a new light.

Featured artists: Sarah Arnold, Peter J. Clouse, John Descarfino, Chad Erpelding, Leah Floyd, Noelle Goldcamp, Alex Hotchin, Joyce Kozloff, Jane Lackey, Julie Libersat, Nick Lyell, Shamus Matthews, Robin Meyer, Amanda Pheasant, Billy Renkl, Anne Rynearson, Jena Schmidt, Amber R. Scoon, Anne Stagg, Jono Vaughan, Mandy Yourick, and Meissa Zexter.

You are Here was curated by Virginia Walsh, Director and Curator of Exhibitions at Ann Street Gallery, a project of Safe Harbors of the Hudson. The Ann Street Gallery specializes in contemporary, emerging and established artists and provides quality exhibitions, programs and events that encourage a greater understanding and appreciation of contemporary art across cultures and among generations.

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The gallery is located at 104 Ann Street, Newburgh, NY.

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