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  • Location: Lobby at the Ritz Theater

Caffe Macchiato photo by Pedro Bonilla

Safe Harbors of the Hudson Cornerstone Residence will celebrate the third in its photography series Through the Eyes of Cornerstone with an opening reception of the exhibition New Visionaries of Newburgh on Newburgh Last Saturday, April 29 at 6:30 p.m. at the Lobby at the Ritz, 107 Broadway. 

It was early in the 18th century when Europeans began settling in Newburgh from the other side of the pond. During the American Revolution, George Washington set up camp in our City, high on the shores of the Hudson River. Washington was one of a number of “visionaries,” embarking upon the birth of this nation from his perch above the River. From its very beginning, Newburgh has been home to such visionaries.

Who are these “Newburgh Visionaries?” These heroes are 25 passionate, hard-working business owners who are devoting their ambitions, hopes and resources to an array of dining, cultural and retail options for the community. They are from all socioeconomic backgrounds; from well-heeled business people to those who had little more than grit and determination. They represent an array of backgrounds and ethnicities; they are newcomers and those who have been here for generations, working side by side to preserve the soul of downtown Newburgh.

Please join us for this exhibition opening, the third in the Through the Eyes of the Cornerstone series. Meet the Newburgh Visionaries, read their profiles, and enjoy the environmental portraits that showcase who they are and where they work.

All photographs on display are the work of Safe Harbors Cornerstone residents Pedro Bonilla, Anthony Moorer and Marvin Pritchard. The interviews and profiles have been compiled by Joe Mack-Digital Photo Academy Workshop Instructor/Writer/Musician and Zachary Costa of North Plank Road Tavern , who have volunteered their time and talent to share these inspirational stories.

The cameras for Through the Eyes of the Cornerstone were donated by Pentax; the fine art paper was donated by Canson. The printing and other photographic consultations by Digital Photo Academy, DigitalPhotoAcademy.com, a weekend workshop series offering photography lessons in the Hudson Valley and 23 cities in North America, every month.

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